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Roofing Installation in Ann Arbor, MI

Multi-Craft Construction Inc can handle any residential roof installation project. We are a full-service roofing contractor capable of designing and installing a wide range of roofing options for your building. We are dedicated to meticulously planning and carrying out your roofing project in accordance with regional and statewide guidelines. With three decades of industry experience, we are well-positioned to advise you on the various roofing options available to you. You can count on our expert team to get it right the first time!

We recognize that roofing is a significant investment, and we work hard to ensure that each customer is completely satisfied with the results. Our team has decades of roofing experience and is dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship and materials. We are proud to have earned a reputation for excellence in the roofing industry, and we look forward to continuing to provide the highest level of roofing services to the Ann Arbor, MI area.

Our services include:

In addition, we provide flooring and siding installation services. To schedule an appointment with our team, call 517-403-0151 today. We provide free bids and are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Common FAQs About Roofing in Ann Arbor, MI

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality service and to completing every project with meticulous care. We specialize in a wide range of roofing services at Multi-Craft Construction Inc, including shingle replacement, metal roofing, flat roofing, and other specialized services like gutter installation and more. No job is too big or too small for our experienced team, and we are always up to date on the latest roofing technologies and trends.

The only thing most people know about their roofs is that it covers their heads! Below, we share some of our frequently asked questions to provide more information for our curious customers.

Why is it important to take care of my roof in Ann Arbor, MI?

Taking care of your Ann Arbor roofing is essential for a number of reasons. For starters, it can shield your home from the elements such as rain, snow, and wind. Furthermore, maintaining your roof can help improve its energy efficiency and save money on future costly repairs. Finally, maintaining a good roof can increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Other benefits include keeping pests and animals out, preventing water damage, and increasing the value of your home. Regularly inspecting and maintaining your roof can assist you in identifying and repairing potential problems before they become major issues.

How often should I inspect my roof?

It is recommended that your roof be inspected twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. In addition, after any major storms or high winds, you should inspect your roof for any damage.

What should I look for when inspecting my roof?

Look for missing shingles, signs of water damage, and animal damage when inspecting your Ann Arbor, MI roof. Check to ensure that all of your flashing is in good condition and that all of your gutters are clear of debris.

What should I do if I find damage or issues with my roof?

If you discover any damage or problems with your roof in Ann Arbor, MI, you should contact a professional roofing contractor from Multi-Craft Construction Inc right away to assess the damage and make any necessary repairs.

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