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5 Tips for a Safer Renovation

Renovations are exciting times for everyone involved. You can make a home more functional, with more light and air, and change the look of the place without breaking your budget. Like any activity, though, there are certain things to remember when revamping your house. Safety is one of those things. You wouldn’t want to repair your home and end up injured or worse because you forgot to do something. A little bit of planning can make all the difference.

1. Keep Your Work Site Clean

Clutter and debris can take up valuable space and present a danger to anyone walking through your house. Keep the area around your project clean. Make sure you know where all of your tools are at all times. Clear the pathways to the bathroom, kitchen, and exits. Keep it easy to get from your project to a safe place in case of an emergency. The clutter could cause tripping hazards or block your path to safety. Tools and equipment not being used should be stored away from your workplace.

2. Have Enough Light

It’s easier to keep track of your tools, equipment, and project with a proper light source. For safety reasons, you want to see everything all the time. This is easy on a work site receiving natural light, but if you are working in an area with no windows, make sure you have a sufficient lighting system. This can help prevent accidents, injuries from slips and falls, or being hit. The brighter it is in the room you are doing work in, the better. If the project is more complex, consider bringing in extra lighting.

3. Keep Kids and Pets Away From the Work Site

Your family members may want to be a part of the renovation, or you may have an eager dog or cat who wants to help. Whatever the reason, it’s vital that your family members do not come into the work areas. Pets must be kept in another part of the house. Children may also put themselves in harm’s way by playing in the work area or coming in to watch. If you have kids who want to be involved, try putting them to work with a project that doesn’t put them at risk of injury.

4. Keep a Well-Stocked Safety Kit

You should have a well-stocked first-aid kit on hand. You also need scissors and tweezers to remove small splinters that may get embedded in your skin accidentally. A basic tool kit can also come in handy. This kit should include various screwdrivers and wrenches in a size that may be needed for your project. An adjustable wrench or pliers can also be handy in case you need to make a quick repair.

5. Use Proper Protection

Wear protective equipment (PPE) whenever possible. When you’re doing construction work, certain hazards are virtually unavoidable. Exposure to flying debris, falls from heights, and tool cuts are serious concerns. Ensure you have a good pair of goggles, a helmet, and ear protection whenever you enter the work area. You should also wear shoes with a non-slip sole if you plan to walk on a wet surface.

When doing home renovations, it’s better to take precautions than deal with an emergency later. Multi-Craft Construction Inc has the experience and expertise to complete various home renovation services in Ann Arbor, MI. We know how to do the job right, and we do it safely. Contact us to get started on your next home renovation project.