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Unfinished Raw and Newly Remodeled Room of House Before and After with Wood Floors, Moulding, Tan Paint and Ceiling Lights.

Services Offered by a General Contractor

General contractors are indispensable in the construction industry. Their services can be used for various applications, ranging from buildings, bridges, pools, and, recreation centers to highway and airport systems. Home renovation projects often involve contractors as well.

1. Cost Estimating

Before starting any home renovation or building project, there needs to be an estimation of how much the project will cost. Estimates are always based on several factors. One of the most important is the scope. The scope of a project includes the size of the area that needs to be constructed and any sub-projects that may also be included. Contractors consider all these elements and create a cost estimate for each item. They will use their experience in previous projects to provide an educated guess. The estimate is then given to clients, who will decide whether they want to proceed with the project.

2. Planning and Scheduling

General contractors create a schedule and plan on how to get everything done. They must consider as many factors as possible, such as weather, holidays, traffic, and other things within their control, to ensure that time is used effectively. This way, construction has no unnecessary delays, keeping costs down for both parties. The schedule should be easy to follow, as it will tell the client when things should happen. Contractors must always keep their clients in the loop to maintain trust.

3. Safety Planning

General contractors ensure that all construction sites have proper safety protocols in place and that workers follow safety precautions. Safety plans include appropriate first aid equipment, barricades, barriers, and indications of potential dangers in the area. Contractors must also ensure that there are adequately trained first aid staff and providers on-site. All heavy machinery should be appropriately equipped and maintained. Workers should also take breaks, which must be at the prescribed time.

4. Quality Control

General contractors are responsible for checking their work as well as the work of subcontractors. They ensure that everything they produce, whether laborers or machines, meets their requirements and the client’s expectations. Any problems with the quality of work should be brought to light to prevent situations where a client might be unhappy or inconvenienced. The materials used should be the same quality as promised or even better.

5. Process Billing

Contractors are responsible for billing their services and any subcontractors that were involved. At the end of each month, contractors should create an invoice for the client detailing all services rendered and any costs that can’t be calculated in advance. The invoice also includes a breakdown of what was done and how long it took. This ensures that everything is accounted for and that no work is done without proper compensation.

General contractors are jack of all trades. They ensure the job is done safely, efficiently, and professionally. Contact Multi-Craft Construction Inc for all your home restoration projects in Ann Arbor, MI and the surrounding areas. We can help create a beautiful and functional space for you and your family.